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Meet Holly

Holly McCarthy, M.A., BCBA 

Behavior can be complex.


Through the lens of Applied Behavior Analysis, I partner with teams to apply practical best-practice strategies while striving for team unity and keeping the best interest of students at the forefront of our consultation.

As we partner together, teams will experience a blending

of my passions for working alongside educators in the classroom and supporting the most challenging student behavior in the Least Restrictive Environment. 


As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with 10+ years of experience working in schools, I guide teams to share my unique perspective on how social and relational constructs impact human behavior, beyond the typical "ABCs."


About BCS

Teachers often have very little time to engage in professional development, moreover, mandated professional development may feel like a waste of time when it is not tailored to their specific classroom needs. Teachers who feel confident in their skills are more likely to feel successful leading their classrooms and working with a wide variety of students with unique needs. Confident teachers get results with students which ultimately impacts teacher retention in turn elevating school district performance.


Holly’s professional development and coaching program is tailored specifically to the teachers she works with, allowing for customizable topics and meaningful coaching.


Contact me for a complimentary initial consultation and to learn how my services can meet the professional development goals for your staff.


How Can I Help?

As an Educational Consultant & Board Certified Behavior Analyst, I partner with schools to achieve best practice student outcomes with a focus on data-driven decision making and practical classroom strategies.

Contact me for a complimentary initial consultation and to learn how my services can meet your professional development goals for your staff.





The Train-the-Trainer Program coaches teachers to be more skillful educators and behavior experts in their classrooms while simultaneously learning how to become trainers for their own classroom staff. This method ultimately reduces costs and improves overall classroom culture.





Teacher professional development provides an initial orientation for teachers leading special education classrooms along with ongoing 30-45 minute modules throughout the school year. These professional development modules are based on a variety of topics tailored to meet the needs of the program and/or classroom.

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The goal is to target a decrease in challenging behaviors and an increase in replacement behaviors using Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), Behavior Intervention Planning (BIP) and simple data monitoring techniques.



"This school year I had the pleasure of working closely with Holly through coaching, professional development and student evaluations. As a self-contained classroom teacher, I have never felt so supported. Holly has provided behavioral interventions, data collection, and assessments for diverse learners. She has challenged me as an educator to grow professionally and hold high expectations for all staff and students. Holly is extremely knowledge in her field and is determined to problem solve collectively to develop the best solution. I feel that my students have made great behavioral and academic progress due to Holly’s impact in training teachers and staff."

- Caroline Reardon
Special Education Teacher
District 100


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